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Graduiertenkolleg "Computational Cognition"

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Papers & conference articles


Clay V, König P, Kühnberger KU, & Pipa G (2021). Learning sparse and meaningful representations through embodiment
. Neural Networks 134: 23-41, ISSN 0893-6080 (Published online in 2020)

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Juliane Schwab and Mingya Liu (2020). Lexical and contextual cue effects in discourse expectations: Experimenting with German 'zwar...aber' and English 'true/sure...but'. Dialogue & Discourse 11(2). 74-109.
Data & code

Ohmer X, König P, & Franke M (2020). Reinforcement of semantic representations in pragmatic agents leads to the emergence of a mutual exclusivity bias.
Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, CogSci 2020. 

Keshava A, Aumeistere A, Izdebski K, & König P (2020) Decoding Task from Oculomotor Behavior in Virtual Reality.
ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA '20 Short Papers) 30: 1–5

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Journal of Eye Movement Research, 13(2).

Nezami FN, Wächter MA, Pipa G, & König P (2020) Project Westdrive: Unity City With Self-Driving Cars and Pedestrians for Virtual Reality Studies.
Front. ICT 7:1. doi: 10.3389/fict.2020.00001



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