GRK 2340

Graduiertenkolleg "Computational Cognition"

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Jasmin L. Walter

Graph theoretical analysis of eye tracking data recorded in complex VR cities to investigate spatial navigation

Adapting the rational speech act framework for visual interaction

Mohamad Ballout

Deep Learning Models for Long-Distance Dependencies

Yusuf Brima

At the Interface of Signalling Theory and Deep Learning

Ann Huang

Choice history biases in dyadic decision making

Julius Mayer

Complexity, Self-Organization and Emergence in a Multi-Agent System through Microcosm Simulation

Hristofor Lukanov

Incorporating motion into PeriNet - a computational model for central and peripheral vision

Viktoria Zemliak

Cortical spike synchrony as a measure of contour uniformity

Sophie Lehfeldt

Self organized grammar learning with a plastic recurrant network

Viviane Clay

Using Deep Reinforcement Learning to Teach a Machine a World Understanding

Michael Marino

From Point Clouds to Symbols in Mobile Robotics

Georg Schroeter

Semi-supervised Conceptors and Conceptor Logic

Juliane Schwab

The Semantics, Pragmatics, and Acquisition of Polarity Items

Ms.C. Britta Grusdt

Probabilistic Modeling of rational communication with conditionals

Marc Vidal de Palol

VR environment to study context dependent visual perception

Xenia Ohmer

Language emergence in artificial agents

Ashima Keshava

Studying human behavior in naturalistic environments

Maximilian Wächter

Development of a highly realistic VR eye tracking experiment

Pascal Nieters

Active dendrites implement probabilistic temporal logic gates

Ivonne Weyers

Non-adjacent dependency learning over different segments in speech